Ways to Give

The Foundation gratefully accepts cash gifts of any size towards its goal of building the endowment to $3 million. Mail your check to
TBS Foundation
205 E. Barcelona Road
Santa Fe, NM 87505.

Four simple ways to support the TBS Foundation

  1. Leave a set amount in your will. This costs nothing during your lifetime.
  2. Name the TBS Foundation as the “Payable on Death” (POD) beneficiary of any account, including your IRA. This takes the account out of your estate.
  3. Donate through a life insurance policy. With an old or new policy designate the TBS Foundation as the beneficiary. Alternatively, create a policy with the TBS Foundation as the beneficiary and owner. Then, make an annual, tax-deductible donation to cover the premium. It’s an inexpensive way to make a large gift.
  4. Donate your house, but continue to live in it! This is called a retained life estate. It removes a taxable asset from your estate.

For more information on any of these, contact Foundation President Dan Yohalem

How to remember TBS Foundation in your will

Leaving a gift for the TBS Foundation in your will is as easy as this sentence:

I give to the Temple Beth Shalom Foundation, a nonprofit charitable and religious corporation located in Santa Fe, New Mexico, _________________ (insert a dollar amount, percentage [%] of estate, or a description of the property to bequeath) for its general purposes.

You can also add a codicil to a completed will to include the TBS Foundation. (Doing this requires a notary to certify the signatures of two witnesses. Contact your attorney for details.)

The Foundation also accepts gifts of stock.

The Foundation can direct you to advisors with expertise in more complex planned gifts. For more information, contact Foundation President Dan Yohalem at 505-983-9433, Ralph Scheuer at 505-982-9911, or Aaron Wolf at 505-988-4476.

See the TBS Foundation Forms page for downloading relevant forms to communicate your plans to the foundation.
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