Suggestions for Shabbat Shacharit Readings

For a D'var Torah:

Read through the parsha for the day.

  • Pick one verse that is meaningful to you and expand upon it.
  • Pick one segment/story and reflect about it.
  • Speak to what the entire parsha means to you in your life.

Traditional sources for readings include:

  • Talmud
  • Perek Shirah
  • Zohar
  • Writings from Philo, Sa'adia Gaon, Yehuda Ha-Levi, Maimonides, Nahmanides, Baruch Spinoza, or other early Jewish rabbis, scholars, and philosophers
  • Nevi'im (possibly look at the Haftorah for the parsha)
  • Ketuvim (Psalms, Proverbs, Job, Song of Solomon, and other traditional wisdom literature)
  • Hasidic writings

Contemporary sources for readings include:

  • Torah commentaries available on the Internet... particularly Progressive commentaries or commentaries by Reform Rabbis
  • A reading or prayer from elsewhere in the Siddur or from the Machzor
  • An excerpt from the writings of Rav Kook, Martin Buber, Mordecai Kaplan, and other contemporary Jewish scholars
  • A poem written by a Jewish poet
  • An excerpt from the writings of modern Jewish writers
  • A song based on a Jewish text or written by a Jewish songwriter
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