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Executive Director                Wendy Steinberg

Director of Education                Joy Rosenberg

Preschool Director                     Sarah Harrison

Youth Director                           Ellen Zieselman

Bookkeeper                                Jaclyn Gomez
Rabbinic Assistant                     Faith Norwick

Publications Coordinator          Marcia Reifman

Reception                                   James Griego

Custodian                                   Mike Chavez


Wendy Steinberg says," I am honored and excited to have been selected for the position of Executive Director for Temple Beth Shalom. I bring over 25 years of 

leadership experience and much passion for the position. 

My daughter and I have been temple members since 2009. The preschool was truly where our community grew. Both of us have made incredible 

lifetime friends that we consider our Santa Fe family. 

A little about myself: 

I am originally from Montreal, Canada, and have lived in the States since 1992. My career started in Providence, Rhode Island, with Whole Foods Market and then took me to great cities such as Boston, Philadelphia, Manhattan, and Santa Fe. 

This year brings much celebration and change. The change of course is working with Temple Beth Shalom and our wonderful community. Truly I cannot tell you all how excited I am to start my position in June. The celebration is my daughter will be Bat mitzvah in August. 

Wendy Steinberg

Administrative Director

Dorothea Migliori 

Administrative Director, Emerita

Dorothea Migliori 

Dorothea considered inviting everyone to drop by her office where they could learn the story of her life through interpretive dance, but then she thought better of it.

Born in Brooklyn, she was an only child surrounded by dozens of cousins, most of whom were at least a decade older than her. After getting a degree in Comparative Literature at Brooklyn College, she absconded to Europe with her first husband and, much to her own surprise, never lived in New York again.

In Champaign-Urbana at the University of Illinois, she discovered two things: international folk dancing and her second husband. She came to Los Alamos in 1973 but was not suited to life on the hill, so she and her physicist husband moved to Santa Fe. Her eldest child, Ben, attended TBS Preschool in its very first year; her second child, Robert, had his Bar Mitzvah here.

When she is not at work, she is out dancing, at home reading or doing crossword puzzles, talking to one of her kids or off travelling with Terence Cady, her partner in crime.

Dorothea started work at TBS on her birthday, October 18, 1999. Like most people in the field of Temple administration, this was not a career path she had actually planned for. Her work history includes a stint with AT&T before the divestiture (she still misses the ease of knowing who to call when your phone stops working,) programming classical music for the University radio station in Illinois, taking charge of a police library that looked like a Boy Scout paper drive, ministering to the scholars and anthropologists at the School of American Research on Garcia Street, and eight years running a market research company at the old Villa Linda Mall. There could be no better preparation for her current position.

Jaclyn Gomez

Bio coming soon.

Jaclyn Gomez


Faith Norwick

Administrative and Rabbinic Assistant

Faith Norwick

Faith Norwick, Adminstrative Assistant to Rabbi Neil, grew up in New York, in a “mostly on High Holy Days” family.  When they did go to shul on Friday nights, it was to allow her dad, who was a lawyer, to argue with Rabbi Maurice Lamm about nearly everything. 

Faith has been married to George Golub for 15 years. They met at an early age when their mothers were both members of The National Council of Jewish women, but it took 43 years for him to propose.  Her mother would have been so happy that Faith finally ended up married to a nice Jewish boy.  

In the meantime, Faith had an illustrious 18 year career as Senior Vice President, Director of Music, at the famed ad agency, Ogilvy & Mather. She retired at an early age, and has retired a couple of times since then.  She doesn’t think retirement is all it’s cracked up to be. 

Nevertheless, Faith is very lucky.  When she moved back to Santa Fe after retiring from years of working for two wonderful rabbis and one great cantor in Port Washington, NY, she looked around for employment and was hired as an assistant to Rabbi Jenny in the TBS Preschool.  She ran the school just in time for the position in the TBS office to open.  What a perfect fit! 

Mike Chavez


Mike Chavez

Mike is the TBS employee that nobody knows. He is in and out of here every single day before anyone else arrives. If you thought that the tables and chairs appear and disappear by magic, then the magician’s name is Mike. Mike is a native Santa Fean. He has been married to his wife, Gina, for more than 40 years and has four daughters, 4 grandsons, and 2 granddaughters. Mike’s career began with a stint in the Army and a spell serving bench warrants for Judge Chavez. He was also a Santa Fe fireman for 15 years. For more than 30 years, he has been our incredibly loyal and reliable custodian, the kind that forgives us when we call him in a panic in the middle of the afternoon because we have forgotten to tell him that there was a major setup needed for the evening. You can’t buy that kind of dedication – you have to earn it. We are in his debt and we thank him for service above and beyond.

James Griego

He's the BEST! Bio coming soon! Watch for it!

James Griego


Marcia Reifman

She's the one with the braids and her story wil be here soon,

Marcia Reifman

Publications Coordinator, Graphic Designer, Web Design and Managent

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