Even though we live outside of New Mexico right now, Santa Fe is still our home. We included the TBS Foundation in our estate plans because even wandering Jews eventually find their home, and helping TBS have a stable future benefits us all. 

—Claire Fulenwider and Harriet Forman

Legacy Gifts

  • Keep the TBS community strong for generations
    and express your love for your children

  • Preserve our culture and heritage

  • Educate our children and nurture future Jewish leaders

  • Ensure services for our community

  • Perpetuate Jewish values

  • Help secure the Jewish future


To perpetuate Jewish religious practice
and tradition by supporting the following

  • Conservation of the Torahs

  • Replacement and updating of prayer books

  • Music programs

To foster Jewish education through the teaching of history, culture, religion and Hebrew by supporting the following

  • The religious school

  • Adult education, scholars in residence, speakers

  • Independent study through the congregational library

To promote social action/justice
through the following

  • Supporting TBS congregants through the Mitzvah Corps

  • Care and rehabilitation of the homeless 

  • Advocacy for food for the hungry and health care for the sick, especially children

  • Equitable treatment for all persons, including minorities, the disadvantaged, GLBT and persons with disabilities

  • Jewish free loan