Judah Horrowitz

I've had the opportunity to meet many of the talented members of TBS who contribute their time and effort to create a better community, city, and world. It's an honor to be a part of their continuing work, and I look forward to building upon it in new and greater ways.

This month began with TBS's long standing commitment to the Interfaith Shelter (Pete's Place on Cerillos Road.) From April first through April seventh, TBS members and friends covered the dinner shifts at the shelter. Our fearless 

organizer Bo Keppel ensured every shift was staffed and every volunteer recognized. Thank you to all who participated in this tremendous mitzvah!

We will be exploring numerous volunteer opportunities for TBS members in the near future. In addition to shelter volunteering, which we are working on establishing as a year-round program, we are partnering with school tutoring networks and environmental organizations to provide social justice opportunities for anyone who would like to be involved.

TBS's in-house Mitzvah Corps is also revamping and expanding its operations, and there will be many opportunities to join its ranks and be a part of their 

fantastic communal work. 

Social Justice work is always a group effort. The feedback, advice, and encouragement I've been receiving from those involved in TBS's Social Justice programs is the bedrock upon which my tenure in this position will rest. We can all contribute to the growth and success of this important aspect of the Temple’s mission. If you have any feedback, ideas, or an organization or initiative which is important to you and which might partner well with our ongoing efforts, please reach out to me to discuss how we can incorporate it into our projects.


May we all be worthy to do our part in bending the arch of the world.

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