Include Your Voice in the Saturday Morning Liturgy

Study is such an important part of the Jewish tradition that every service includes a pause to study Torah. Considering that we say the blessing for studying Torah, which is generally understood as being the entire corpus of Jewish religious literature, we invite members of the congregation to prepare a brief reading to recite during service. 

Please add your voice to the liturgy by volunteering to read a passage of your choice at a Saturday (Shabbat) morning service. A signup sheet is available at services. You'll get a reminder about your assignment prior to the date. (For Leviticus and Numbers portions, you can pick an open date and contact Rebecca Entwisle to sign up.) 

The section of the service for the reading occurs before 11AM. Please arrive by 10:25AM to show Rabbi Neil the reading before the service and to be present at the start of the service. (If you can't find Rabbi Neil in the sanctuary, please check the social hall. Also, consider preparing ahead of time to check in with Rabbi Neil the week before.)

Your text can be related to the week’s parsha... or not. It can be something related to the liturgy and music... or not. It can be something that has long spoken to you or only recently moved you. It can be something you have carefully developed conclusions about or that leaves you with questions. Choose something whose contemplation will enrich the Jewish life of your fellow congregants. 

The text should be:

  • Jewish oriented (For some ideas to get you started, see these suggestions.)

  • Take no more than 2-3 minutes to read

  • Be in English

  • Use language suitable for congregants of any age to hear

  • Likely to provoke thought

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