The following have been approved by unanimous vote of the Board of Trustees of Temple Beth Shalom


The Board of Trustees of TBS voted unanimously to support the City of Santa Fe in its efforts to increase the availability of affordable housing for those in Santa Fe who need housing and cannot afford it, including teachers, policemen, firemen and the homeless. To this end, the TBS Board endorsed passage of the proposed new one percent tax on houses sold for more than $750,000 to be voted on in a referendum on March 10, 2009, as one means of supporting creation of more affordable housing in the City.

Statement regarding the Affordable Housing Initiative

Statement regarding the Iraq War

At a special Board Meeting on August 24th, the Temple Beth Shalom Board of Trustees affirmed the Union of Reform Judaism's Resolution concerning the war in Iraq, believing it to be a comprehensive statement reflective of the feelings of many of our congregants. The complete resolution may be found at

Statement of Principles Concerning Equallity for the Gay and Lesbian Community

Temple Beth Shalom supports equality for the gay and lesbian community in every respect. In particular we support equality in marriage and all the rights that accompany marriage. We believe our legislature should maintain the right to privacy and the separation of church and state by not attempting to limit legitimate personal relationships among consenting adults. Our Synagogue has performed the marriage ceremony for same sex couples from our congregation in the past and our Rabbi states his intention to do so in the future as the need arises.


For these reasons, TBS opposes legislation which would define marriage as exclusively between a man and a woman. We oppose those bills that would fine members of the clergy that perform marriage for same sex couples. We also oppose bills that would roll back domestic partnership benefits that currently exist or impede the achievement of future equality in domestic partnership benefits.

TBS will support legislation which furthers principles of equality.

Statement Opposing Removal of Local Authority to Enact Living Wage Provisions

Temple Beth Shalom in Santa Fe strongly believes that all people in our society have the right to earn a decent wage for their labor that allows them to live with dignity in their community. The Jewish obligation of "tikkun olam" (repairing the world) impels us to try to implement this important principle. We have endorsed this principle in the past and we support communitiesí efforts to address this need. Consequently, the Temple Beth Shalom Social Action Committee opposes any state legislation that would remove or limit the authority of communities in this state to take steps on their own to repair the world by enacting living wage ordinances.

Members of the congregation are called upon to speak out and take action to help repair the world.

Statement Concerning Full Funding for Medicaid

Temple Beth Shalom in Santa Fe strongly believes that all people in our society have the right to basic health care. It is unacceptable that in a wealthy society such as ours people who lack resources are unable to secure adequate health care. The Jewish obligation of "tikkun olam" (repairing the world) impels us to try to remedy this situation. In furtherance of these principles, the Social Action Committee of Temple Beth Shalom urges the New Mexico Legislature to support full funding for Medicaid, the critically important public health insurance program for poor children and families.

Members of the congregation are called upon to speak out and take action to help repair the world.


Temple Beth Shalom, at the suggestion of its Social Action Committee, has joined the following coalitions:

  • Health Care for All

  • See also Social Action Alerts, link above 

  • New Mexico Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice

  • The Interfaith Alliance for Environmental Stewardship

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