Onegs and You!

Friday night services would not be the same without the oneg that follows (our "Shabbat delight"). We encourage members to take advantage of this special opportunity to celebrate a birthday, an anniversary, the birth of a child or grandchild... or to remember a loved one... all in the company of your Temple community. 

Sponsoring an oneg is a privilege, not a burden. Remember our motto: "Check or Treats". For those who love to bake and shop, a "hands-on" oneg is just the place to show off your culinary talents. For those whose time is limited, help is available. You get the kavod, the honor, and we do the work. We will help you pick a date and we will give you good advice, whether you choose "check" or "treats". 

Just call one of your friendly Your Oneg Consultants: James Griego, Faith Norwick or Wendy Steinberg— We look forward to hearing from you!!

How to throw an Oneg Shabbat* in one easy lesson

*Oneg Shabbat: a way of adding delight to the Friday night service

  1. Pick a date and confirm with the office to make sure the date's available.

  2. Pick “check” or “treat”. Dorothea, James or Amy will be glad to help you decide.

  3. If you picked “check”, then give the check to one of the Oneg Consultants.

     If you picked “treat”, then

  • Go shopping – This is the fun part! In general, we recommend serving something sweet, something savory, something chocolate, some cheese and crackers, some fruit, and drinks (for example, lemonade, sparkling water, or punch). Now that Rabbi Neil is here, we usually add deviled eggs, so that our favorite vegetarian has something healthy to eat. The office can give you some idea of how many people might attend services that evening. TBS provides coffee and tea.

  • Get schlepping  Tables & chairs will be set up by our staff: Let us know if you want anything other than the standard oneg setup. You can decorate the tables or keep it simple. It’s best to set up in the afternoon. The office normally closes at 3:30 on Fridays, but special arrangements can be made if necessary. Or you can do all the prep at home and arrive at TBS about half an hour before services.

  • Get the kavod – As an oneg sponsor, your name will be mentioned in the weekly email and on the Shabbat flyer. The Rabbi might even want to call on you to light the Shabbat candles. Be sure to let us know if you would enjoy doing so.

  • Clean up – This is the easy part! Mike Chavez, our long-time maintenance man, will be there to put food away and lock up. There will also be two greeters present to help out.

You can download the checklist for sponsoring an Oneg

Checklist for sponsoring an oneg

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