Mission and Goals

The TBS Foundation promotes the spirit of continuity l'dor v'dor — from generation to generation — by sustaining Jewish religion, history, and the Hebrew language and offering opportunities for education, culture, and social action.

Donors of large gifts and bequests can support the broad goals of the TBS Foundation or designate the specific way they want their gifts to be used. Possible designations are:

To perpetuate Jewish religious practice and tradition by supporting:

  • conservation of the Torahs
  • replacement and updating of prayer books
  • music programs

To foster Jewish education through the teaching of history, culture, religion and Hebrew by supporting:

  • the religious school
  • adult education, scholars in residence, speakers
  • independent study through the congregational library

To promote social action/justice through:

  • care of the homeless and helping to get them on their feet again
  • advocacy for food for the hungry and health care for the sick, especially children
  • equitable treatment for all persons, including minorities, the disadvantaged, GLBT and persons with disabilities
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Services & Study This Week

Friday, June 22
6:30 pm Erev Shabbat Services
Dorothea Farewell

Saturday, June 23
9:00 am Bagels, Coffee and Torah Study
10:30 am Shabbat Morning Service
Julian & Emma Rhode B'nai Mitzvah