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With exceptional adult education and informative and entertaining events that are presented both live and on Zoom, Temple Beth Shalom is where dialogue happens on a wide range of topics. From Jewish traditions and Yiddish to lively Torah discussions, and dialogues on every side of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, our congregants expand their thinking and work together to create understanding and find common ground.  Please scroll down to see our latest programs and course offerings.

Adult Education Committee Presents:

Exciting and Free - Jewish Learning via Zoom!

Members of Temple Beth Shalom are encouraged to access a multitude of free learning opportunities through our partnership with Orange County (CA) Community Scholars Program.


Your Adult Education Committee believes so strongly in this partnership that we made it possible through committee members’ own contributions. Simply go to


and click “register” next to each blue title for more information and to register.

A Sampling of Titles in January

A compelling, one-month series of programs with the faculty of Hadar. Participate in live online sessions and delve deeply into specific areas of Jewish text - from Talmudic narratives to Israeli women's midrash, the Torah of music, and the challenges of prayer. Appropriate for all levels of Jewish learning.

Among the sessions:

What to Do When You Don’t Know: Talmudic Stories of Rabbinic Ignorance

A Taste of Israeli Women's Midrash

The Torah of Music

Praying Anew: Unlocking Meaning in the Words of the Siddur

Pride and Privilege: How Do We Sensitively Navigate and Appreciate Having More Than Others?

Speaking Up: The Audacity of Prayer


A Sampling of Titles in February

The Ten Greatest Books in Jewish History

[not the most critically acclaimed, nor the bestselling Jewish books, but the most influential]

Digging Deeper: How Archeology Works

Religion, Mysticism, and Gender: Painting with Esther Schneider

Contemporary Israeli Literature: Can You Avoid Politics?

Jewish Ireland – A Virtual Travel Adventure

The Hidden Roots of American Synagogue Melodies

Jewish Life in Buenos Aires, a Conversation

God is Not a Religious Idea: Juxtaposing the American Declaration of Independence and the Ten Commandments

Leonard Cohen’s Mystical Midrash


No time to watch now? More than 150 recorded programs and lectures are also available to you through CSP’s YouTube channel:



Take advantage of this enjoyable opportunity to increase your Jewish learning in 5782!

You’ll be glad you did.