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A Brief History of Zionism as an Idea
with Gregg Manoff
Four Thursdays from 7:00-8:30 pm
October 8, 22, 29, November 5
Suggested donation: $15 per session
Drop-in OK (although the history is cumulative)

This is not an argue-about-Israel class. Of course, we are likely to have strong feelings and deep-seated opinions about Israel. It would be odd if we didn’t. For Jews, Israel matters. We care. The intention of this course is to deepen our understanding of the history of the idea of a Jewish state.
For instance:
• Whose idea was it and what were its sources?
• How and when did Zionism gain traction among Jews?
• What were the internal and external challenges faced by the political movement of Zionism as it struggled to make the Jewish state a reality?
• How and in what ways did its successes and failures cause Zionism to change?

Our text will be Zionism, by David Engel, Greenberg Professor of Holocaust Studies, Professor of Hebrew and Judaic Studies and Professor of History at New York University. Participants must obtain a copy of this book and prepare the readings as follows (two copies of the book are available to borrow from Joy's office or may be purchased in paperback or in Kindle form from Amazon and other sources):

• October 8: Chapters 1-2. “The Idea of a ‘Jewish State” and “Crystallization of a Movement: 1881-1897”

• October 22: Chapters 3-4. “Diplomacy and Settlement: 1897-1914” and “Britain as Ambivalent Patron: 1914-1929”

• October 29: Chapters 5-6. “From Mandate to Statehood: 1929-1948” and “Movement and State: 1948-1967”

• November 5: Chapter 7. “Normalizers and Messianists: 1967-2008”

We will supplement the book with excerpts from Arthur Hertzberg’s The Zionist Idea and Hayim Nahman Bialik’s poem about the Kishinev pogrom, “In the City of Slaughter.” These readings will be provided in class.

Gregg Manoff grew up in a non-observant (except for Passover) Jewish family in New York in the 1950s. He attended medical school at the University of New Mexico and subsequently practiced medicine for 25 years, mostly in rural northern New Mexico. His sense of belonging to the Jewish people and his engagement with
Jewish thought over the years have unexpectedly grown to be central features of his life. As have many Jews, Gregg has agonized over Israel’s conflict with the Palestinians and how to respond to it helpfully. He regards tolerance for ambiguity and complexity as an essential ingredient of an adequate understanding of the world. At the same time, he worries about allowing the unavoidable ambiguity of history to induce in him a paralysis in which he might find himself “stand[ing] idly by while [his] brother’s blood is shed!”

"Cello Playing, Chicken Plucking, Child Rearing and More: My 35 Years in Israel"
Speaker: Bonnie Ellinger
Friday, October 16, deadline for registration and payment: October 13.

Bonnie Ellinger lived in Israel from 1967 – 2002, completing her education and raising a family. In addition to a B.A. in English and American literature, she has an M.A. and Ph.D. in applied linguistics from Bar Ilan University, where she taught English for twenty years. In New Mexico, she has taught college English and all levels of biblical and conversational Hebrew, mostly at TBS. Bonnie also created and facililtated a Jewish literature discussion group at TBS and is involved in various aspects of the Santa Fe Jewish Film Festival. Most importantly, she is the doting grandmother of three teenage boys: Ziv, Noam and Yonatan.

Community Shabbat Dinners and Talks
5:00 pm Dinner and program
followed by 6:30 pm Erev Shabbat Service
Cost for dinner: $20 adult; $10 child 3-12; under 3 free
Pre-registration and payment required

Contact Joy Rosenberg for more information – joy.rosenberg@sfbs.org or 982.6161

Why Are We Here?

Throughout the High Holy Days, Rabbi Neil's sermons explored responses to differing versions of the question, "Why Are We Here....?"

From "Why are we here in services?" to "Why are we here at all?", each sermon connected to the others while also standing alone.

A summary sheet for personal study and reflection based on the series of five sermons can be opened and downloaded below.

2015/5776 High Holy Day Appeal

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