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Temple Beth Shalom is a welcoming Jewish home. 

We value the interpersonal wellness of our congregants while we 

pursue social justice and social action in Northern New Mexico. 

We celebrate the diversity of our community while we strive to inspire compassion and authentic love. 

Our service and programs cultivate our curiosity while we unlock our beliefs and co-create Jewish rituals.

We aspire to connect to God through connecting to one another. 



6:00 PM - Israel-Hamas War Presentation 


6:30 PM - Shabbat Service 
Followed by community oneg

9:00 AM - Torah Study 

In person & zoom 

10:30 AM - Shabbat Morning Service

12:45 PM - Reimagining Judaism & the Environment Presentation (Part 1)


Blue Smoke



Since December, I have been sharing a presentation on the Israel-Hamas War with faith communities in Santa Fe, a presentation that is critical of leadership on both sides, that is pro-peace by being both pro-Israeli and pro-Palestinian. If you would like me to bring it to your community or organization, please reach out to Temple Beth Shalom. The more I share the presentation, the more I encounter a very small but disturbingly vocal number of Santa Feans who have taken to emailing venues in advance to try to get my presentation cancelled. To such people, truth and peace-making is not important anymore, only cancelling any opinion that is divergent of their own. I now personally face the absurd accusations of being not only Islamophobic and a genocide denier but of even being pro-genocide, almost totally from people who have never even heard my presentation! I used to think that cancel culture didn’t really exist until they aimed it at me, a liberal Jew who dares to express anything informed, complex and nuanced, instead of inaccurate, ignorant and oversimplistic soundbites.

Santa Fe Jewish Community

Facing Intolerance in our City, by Rabbi Neil Amswych

And now those who mistakenly imagine these perverse accusations to be moral have gone further by forcing the cancellation of a Jewish performer visiting our city while using exactly the same lies and slurs about him as they do about me, merely because of his support for one side in a war against a vicious terrorist organization that would gladly kill every single one of the people who cancelled him if they had the opportunity.

To the minority on the far left who have now gone full circle and inadvertently met up with the far right’s intolerance of divergent opinions, especially Jewish ones that don’t fit their narrative, I have some advice. If you don’t like somebody’s politics or religion, don’t give them your money - it’s that simple. But if you try to stop others from doing so, they will resent not just you but also your cause. The online anger outside your bubble for what you did at Meow Wolf was palpable. You did nothing to bring peace to the world, you just boycotted a Jew for his beliefs, ruined the evening of four hundred people and tarnished the reputation of Meow Wolf.

To the decent people of Santa Fe who still value dialogue and diversity, I believe that we need to work together to combat the effects of the intolerance of these disproportionately loud and deliberately divisive individuals in our community. As Karl Popper famously wrote, for a tolerant society to exist, we need to be intolerant of the intolerant. After this successful boycott, one person wrote online that they were ashamed of Santa Fe. Don’t be. Fight for Santa Fe. Work with the city, with educational establishments, with businesses, with faith communities and with organizations to ensure that they are prepared for the inevitable future boycotts and disruptions by those who seek to silence diversity. Openly and loudly support those individuals, organizations and communities who work for peace not by drowning out difference but by celebrating it. Ensure that local discourse, in print and online, focuses on those who represent the majority who get on quietly with the difficult work of making peace, instead of those who just shout the loudest. Help those who know little about the subject not learn from angry soundbites but from informed, rational discourse backed up by facts. Elevate the communities and organizations that value nuance and balance and who seek a just and mutual peace.

Together, in response to this intolerance, we must create a more tolerant and diverse Santa Fe.

Blue Skies

Events & Classes

Santa Fe Jewish Community
Reimagining Judaism and the Environment A Four-Part Series by Rabbi Neil “The fear and dre
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Santa Fe Jewish Community


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To continue our essential efforts of feeding the hungry, comforting the sick, fighting for civil rights, and keeping the doors to our preschool and religious school open, we need your support. 
Any amount is appreciated. You can choose to give to the general fund or any area you are passionate about supporting.  For example, our building and grounds are in need of some TLC and could use financial assistance! 
Thank you for contributing.

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Santa Fe Jewish Community

205 E Barcelona Rd, Santa Fe, NM 87505

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